A guide on writing a bachelor/master thesis

A student who is preparing and presenting a bachelor or master thesis must take into account the requirement of scientific viability. The aim of bachelor thesis is to prepare the student for doing research, while the aim of master thesis is to consolidate the scientific writing skills. Therefore, it is essential for students to respect the principles of scientific writing, and thus apply appropriate techniques and methods.

Students are less and less often required to do written assignments, so they may encounter a lot of formal problems when writing their bachelor or master theses. In order to simplify overcoming such problems, we decided to prepare short presentations for the students of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics of the University of Wrocław on how to write the bachelor or master thesis. The presentations include:

1) General principles of writing a thesis

2) The requirements for a thesis according to Prof. Jan Boć

3) Collecting resources (in the databases purchased by the Faculty, in the databases of the University of Wrocław and free access databases, in catalogues and bibliographies)

4) Footnotes (writing different footnotes)

5) List of most commonly used abbreviations

6) Citation of legal acts, quotes, author’s comments

7) Final improvements