Library Mission

The Library of Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics is a part of the University of Wrocław. The Library fulfils informational, didactic and scientific functions, and promotes science and culture in society.

The Library’s mission is to achieve the highest professional level in collecting, developing and storing the library materials, and making them accessible for library users in order to support scientific and educational activities at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics, in accordance with the expectations and needs of academic staff and students.

  • The Library carries out its mission through: collecting library materials,
  • providing users the optimal access to library materials and information resources,
  • creating a positive image of the Library, among the academic community, as an organization open to change and to the needs of its users, with high quality services,
  • cooperating with national legal libraries,
  • investing in professional development and improving the qualifications of the library staff,
  • organizing scientific and didactic workshops in the field of law, administration and economics,
  • training users to develop their skills in finding and taking benefits from information.