Organizational structure of the Library

Director of the Library

mgr Joanna Mroczko-Sidorowicz

Deputy Director

mgr Wioletta Zięba

The Collections’ Acquisition, Development and Circulation Department                                                                                                              

     The Scientific Information and Digitalization Department             

The Director of the Department

mgr Wioletta Zięba

The Director of the Department

mgr Krzysztof Mruszczak

  Lewińska, Jadwiga, mgr             

  Pomorska, Teresa, mgr       

  The tasks of the Department is to:

  • Collect library materials
  • Run a register of orders
  • Purchase foreign and domestic publications
  • Run a register of books and journals
  • Index current acquisitions, and books and journals from restricted collections
  • Create bibliographic records and authority files for computer catalogue,
  • Run a register of losses
  • Technical developbooks and journals and prepare themfor maintenance
  • Develop publications in KABA languageof subject matter,
  • Exchange books and journals, accept gifts, send titles deemed unnecessary to other libraries,
  • Make accessible books and journals in the Library, and lend them outside the Library
  • Fill orders within the framework of interlibrary loans
  • Update the computer database of readers and prolong the library cards entitling to borrow books
  • Complete and select the collection of books in the Reading Room
  • Store, bind, and preserve library materials
  • Fill orders to the Reading Roomand local and interlibrary Lending Room
  • Run a register of borrowed books, and check it every year
  • Run an inventory according to schedule
  • Check the state of protection of books and journals
  • Prepare list of lost books

  The tasks of the Department is to:

  • Collect and develop papersof academic staff for bibliography of the University of Wrocław
  • Register publications of employees and doctoral students in the HUESCA scientific information system
  • Prepare and import bibliographic data to the Polish Scientific Bibliography (Polska BibliografiaNaukowa), intended for evaluation of the Faculty
  • Provide information (on legal, administrative and economic issues)
  • Provide information about catalogues and bibliography 
  • Prepare informative materials about the Library 
  • Edit the Library website 
  • Carry out training courses related to legal bases for students, seminarians, and doctoral students 
  • Coordinate works related to the functioning of the Digital Legal Library and Repository of the University of Wrocław
  • Digitalize the library collections
  • Make digitalized resources available in the collections of the Digital Legal Library and Repository of the University of Wrocław
  • Scan library materials, process digital images in graphic programs, convert files to appropriate formats
  • Insert publications in PDF, DjVu and other formats
  • Substantive develop digital resources, create metadata of a digital object
  • Formal and factual prepare publications in Dublin Core format
  • Cooperate with an electronic publisher of the Faculty (e-Wydawnictwo)