Library enrolment

In order to enroll in the Library of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics one should:

1. fill in and send Form no. 1, preferably via Firefox browser; (

2. After 30 minutes, come the Faculty Lending Department or the University Lending Department in order to activate the account; one need to have a passport, student card or other ID document, and student obligation card (this card can be obtained on site in the Library).

This account allows you to order books from the Faculty Library and University Library.

Worth to remember:

When ordering books from the Library, one must provide the appropriate number:

20900xxxxxx – the number of the library card to the Lending Department

30900xxxxxx – the number of the library card to the Reading Room

0900xxxxxx – the number of reader’s library account

xxxxxx – the number of the student ID card